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AMR 2015(Beijing), SINOTINT unveiled the mystery of the products

Article Source:SINOTINT       Person in Charge:SINOTINT       Published time:2015.04.15.

AMR 2015 opened in the spring of Beijing, which unveiled SINOTINT’s main featured product: separated small motor & small number heads mixing machine, paint mixing machine for automobile refinish, MK new type paint mixing machine, HA series mixing type heating cabinet, as well as MC series square mixing machine. 

Owning national patent SINOTINT brand paint mixing machine, by adopting the worldwide latest technology and worldwide originally developed “separated small motor”, it becomes the “Little Fresh Meat” in the paint mixing machine industry. Ultra-quiet function make you get rid of noise annoyance. Flexible configured heads quantity of the mixing machine realized single shelf mixing, which can meet personalized requirement. Stable and reliable performance, maintenance free and apply to all paint brands. Heads quantity from 2 and 102 are available and optional.

MK new type paint mixing machine is SINOTINT newly launched ones. Original transmission structure with eccentric rod drive system, same height and shelves with the old mixing machine, but it can load more cans. Big cans and small cans are freely interchangeable. The configuration of paint cans is more flexible. Most of the important, the single motor power realize explosion-proof function. Are these functions attractive?

HA series mixing type heating cabinet is another SINOTINT newly launched ones. Transparent glass sliding door design and visualization make it more easily to take and place paint cans. With automatic temperature control function, it not only can heat but also can mix. Both tall on appearance and a low-key luxury connotation, it becomes the pet of waterborne paint and refinish paint.

The visiting customer to our booth on ARM2015 who contact with our sales manager on the business name card can obtain preferential price. And the customer who places an order before the end of this month will have an exclusive spree.

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