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HA Series Heating Cabinet


【Product added】:SINOTINT

【Update time】:2015.03.21.


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1.  New two-circuit heating module. If one group doesn'twork, the other one can start working without replacing a new heating module.

2.  New touch screen automatic temperature control panel, function is tailored specifically for waterborne paint, easy to operate.

3.  Inner-installed temperature sensors monitor temperature changes all the time.

4.  Newly added audible warning alarm function. If the cabinet works abnormally, and the temperature is not in the normal range, the machine will give audible warning alarm.

5.  Transparent organic glass sliding door design and visualization make it more easily to take and place the paint cans.

6.  Split design of upper and lower cabinet makes installation simple and relaxed.

7.  The lower cabinet is equipped with 6 mixing heads, 4 small cans (0.5-1L) and 2 big cans (2.5-4L) can be mixed. Adaptor can be used for big cans and small cans interchange.

 Optional Schemes: Adaptor, Mixing Module.

Standard Schemes


Note: If there is inconsistency between the image and actual product, the actual product shall govern.

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