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MK-8  Series Car Paint Mixing Machine1
  • MK-8  Series Car Paint Mixing Machine1
  • MK-8  Series Car Paint Mixing Machine2
  • MK-8  Series Car Paint Mixing Machine3
  • MK-8  Series Car Paint Mixing Machine4

MK-8 Series Car Paint Mixing Machine


【Product added】:SINOTINT

【Update time】:2015.03.21.


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1.  Original transmission structure:By bold attempt of eccentric rod drive system, we chose the  same single-motor structure but different transmission mode, which has  innovated the past monotonous structure once more.

2.  Optimal design  of the mixing shelves: with the same height of old mixing machine which has 6  mixing shelves, the new machine can equipped with 7 mixing shelves, which can  load more cans. Smaller shape size, larger capacity.

3.  Patent design  for the mixing shelves: the big cans and small cans are freely interchangeable  at the same mixing shelf, and the configuration of paint cans is more flexible.

4.  Single motor  power: The Explosion-proof function of switch control box and motor are  optional, which will satisfy clients’ special demands.

 Optional Schemes: Adaptor,  Working table.


Standard Schemes

Note: If there is inconsistency between the image and actual product, the actual product shall govern.

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